Company Profile

Induction Heating Technologies sarl (IHT) is the Leader in The Middle East in Quality Medium Power Induction Melting Furnaces

I.H.T. is the leader in manufacturing Induction Heating Generators In Lebanon and the Middle East. The first Induction Generator was custom designed and manufactured by Mr. Nick Jaber (M.S.E.E.) in 1987.


Since then through R/D and a patented high efficiency Induction Generator the company has upgraded the quality and performance of its induction furnaces to suit its customers' applications in the fields of Jewelry, Art Craft Metal Casting, Materials Science Labs of teaching institutions, and Medium Size Metal Casting Foundries.


Some of the furnaces sold are to clients like the American University of Beirut Mechanical Engineering Department, and The Materials Science Labs of The University of Singapore.


I.H.T. offers a range of small and medium power Induction Furnaces some of which are displayed on this website and will custom design Induction Heating Equipment to suit special applications requested by prospective clients.


Please contact our office for any special requests.

Commissioning a 15KW Induction Melting Furnace for The Material Science laboratories (Faculty of Engineering) of The National University of Singapore (NUS)

Seen in the background is a Vacuum Casting Induction Melting furnace the power electronics of which were faulty and costly to repair. The owner Mr Charles Lahoud seen in the photo paid USD80,000 for this unit and was on the verge of scrapping it. Seven years ago I.H.T. replaced all of its power and control components with a new custom designed medium frequency 10KW Induction Melting Generator. Since then the unit has been operating successfully